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Fifa Ultimate Team Update #1


Fifa Ultimate Team is replica game of “trading cards” in the video game Fifa 11.
The game enables players to build their team from scratch.Players start of with a basic bronze squad of 23.The cards are in 3 catagories: Gold being the best players, Silver being the second best players and bronze,obviously, being the worst.Solid card are shinny and often sell for much more than “normal” cards and represents “rare” cards.For some reason solid silver cards sell for much more than solid gold cards! 

Thats my intro done, thank god!


Also you can buy pack of card for 7,500 coins for the best chance of getting better players which sell for alot of money.
This is an example of a great pack.

Thats lad has a good Youtube Channel also if your want to check it out. 🙂

My blog will be of my team being updates and new videos i’ve found on ultimate, will be uploaded every week maybe twice 🙂



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